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Gynecology is a specialty that focuses on women's health, specifically related to the reproductive system. Franciscan Health offers preventative care as well as diagnosis and treatment of gynecological issues.

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Gynecologic Surgery
Looking for symptom relief?
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Most cervical cancers can be detected early if you have routine Pap tests.

Understanding Cervical Cancer

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Why young women need to consider having the HPV vaccine.

HPV Vaccination: Why It Matters For Women

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Learning how to manage menopause symptoms

Managing Symptoms Of Menopause

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Do I have perimenopause? An obgyn answers your questions

The First Signs Of Perimenopause

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Image for reducing your risk of ovarian cancer

Can I Reduce My Risk Of Ovarian Cancer?

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I am well past menopause. Why do I still get hot flashes sometimes?

Ask The Experts: Menopause And Hot Flashes

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Be Part of the Cervical Cancer Success Story: Get Screened January 11, 2017

Be Part of the Cervical Cancer Success Story: Get Screened

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