Visitor Restrictions & COVID-19 Information

Visitor restrictions have been implemented at Franciscan locations across Indiana and Illinois. Many provider office locations have temporarily reduced hours of operation. 


Online Risk Assessment

Franciscan Health is offering a COVID-19 Risk Assessment and medical provider consultations to help direct you to the most appropriate care.



As the world responds to COVID-19, the Franciscan Health Foundation has created the Preparedness & Response Fund to support our response to this public health crisis.


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Heart and Vascular

Our emergency and cardiac departments have the right specialists, processes and equipment to provide the highest level of heart and vascular care for our patients. Six hospitals are accredited Chest Pain Centers, and multiple others have won awards and rank nationally for heart care excellence.

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Heart Scan

A $49 heart scan can save your life. Call to schedule now.

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Restore the rhythm of your heart.

Heart & Vascular

Restore the rhythm of your heart.

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News at Franciscan Health

How people with heart disease can protect themselves from COVID-19 coronavirus


Coronavirus Concerns For Adults With Heart Disease

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Your heart can be helped with cardiac rehabilitation


How Important Is Cardiac Rehab?

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Chest compressions can keep someone alive in case of an emergency


How To Do Hands-Only CPR Right

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Four New Heart Specialists Join Franciscan Physician Network Cardiology Crown Point


Four New Heart Specialists Join Franciscan Physician Network Cardiology Crown Point

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How to help get your blood pressure under control


Hypertension: The 'Silent Killer' That Can Be Controlled

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Heart Scan numbers measure the amount of plaque in the heart and risk of heart attack


What Do My Heart Scan Results Mean?

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Women over 50 may be at higher risk for heart disease


Is There A Link Between Menopause And Heart Disease?

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Ways women can put their heart health first


Easy Ways Women Can Put Their Heart First in February

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Do you know how the signs of a heart attack are different for men and women?


His & Her Heart Attacks: Do You Know The Signs?

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Reduce injuries while shoveling snow


Snow Shoveling Safety

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Chest pain


Franciscan Health Hospitals In Northwest Indiana Earn Chest Pain Center Accreditation

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PAD is a clogging of arteries in the leg that can be life-threatening if left untreated.


What Is Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)?

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Flu shots are generally safe if you have heart disease.


Is A Flu Shot Safe If You Have Heart Disease?

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Franciscan Physician Network Logo


Franciscan Physician Network Launches New Vascular Surgery Group In Indianapolis

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After feeling a pattern of tiredness for no reason, Debra went to the doctor. The diagnosis: atrial fibrillation, or afib, a condition where the heart beats too quickly and irregularly.


Advances In AFib Treatment Help Crawfordsville Nurse

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