With increasing numbers of measles cases being reported nationally and in Indiana, Franciscan Health is proactively implementing temporary visitor restrictions in some units at its Indiana and Illinois hospitals.


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Franciscan Physician Network Dyer, Dyer, IN

Franciscan Physician Network Dyer

From adolescence through childbirth, midlife and beyond, patients of all ages receive exceptional care from Franciscan Physician Network board-certified obstetricians and gynecologists.

919 Main Street
Dyer, IN 46311


Our Departments

Providers of Franciscan Physician Network Dyer

Daina M. Roberson MD, Pediatrics - Internal Medicine

Daina Roberson MD

Primary Specialty: Pediatrics - Internal Medicine

Namrata Shah MD, FAAD, Dermatology

Namrata Shah MD, FAAD

Primary Specialty: Dermatology

Bo Ra Nam MD, Family Medicine

Bo Ra Nam MD

Primary Specialty: Family Medicine

Cheryl Worix MD, Internal Medicine

Cheryl Anthony-Worix MD

Primary Specialty: Internal Medicine

Laura Hoffman MD, Dermatology

Laura Hoffman MD

Primary Specialty: Dermatology

Tarun Kukreja MD, Dermatology

Tarun Kukreja MD

Primary Specialty: Dermatology

Deborah Cherrier RD, CD, Internal Medicine

Deborah Cherrier RD, CD

Primary Specialty: Internal Medicine

News at Franciscan Physician Network Dyer

Mineral sunblock offers many advantages over chemical sunscreen, especially for kids, pregnant women and those with sensitive skin.

Is Mineral Sunscreen Better Than Chemical Sunblock?

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