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Car Seat Safety Inspections Lafayette - Saturday Afternoon Class

Location: Franciscan Education Center

1501 Hartford Street
Lafayette, IN 47904

Do you have questions about car seat safety? Not sure if your child is seated in the right car seat or if your carset is installed properly?

Schedule an appointment for a car seat safety inspection in Lafayette, Indiana.

Often times, parents and caregivers are completely unaware they installed a car seat incorrectly, or that they have moved their school-age child from a child restraint to a seat belt prematurely, completely skipping the booster seat stage. Join us to ensure your child is using the seat the right way every time.

A car seat technician is available by appointment during this time for car seat safety inspections to ensure your car seat is installed properly. Additional times may be available.

This is a FREE event.

Registration is required.

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12:00 PM EST
12:00 PM EST
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