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Senior Promise - Christmas Party

Location: Primo Banquet & Conference Center

2615 National Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Please join us for an afternoon of fellowship and an exciting performance by #1 Concert and Show in Indianapolis on, “The Mind Tripping Show”. Enjoy a plated lunch, visit with other Senior Promise members and enter a 50/50 raffle. In addition, you can be entered into another raffle with your monetary donation to the Franciscan Health Food Pantry.

The Mind Tripping Show where mind reading, influence, psychological illusions and comedy all come together to create a delightfully fun and interactive show that encourages audience participation. The show is a combination of mind-bending adventures and pure entertainment. Think Candid Camera meets the Twilight Zone. The Mind Tripping Show is a comedy with a psychological twist. Be prepared to have your perceptions challenged and your expectations turned upside down.

If you are not already a Senior Promise member, take advantage of the extra benefits now by purchasing your lifetime membership for $50. Reservations are required, and seating is limited.

Cost is $20 for Senior Promise members; $25 for non-members. Lifetime members will receive early admission and priority seating for this event.  To purchase tickets, information or charge by phone, call (317) 528-8277.

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