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Senior Promise - Kidney Talk

Location: Franciscan Health Senior Promise

8778 Madison Ave. Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Kidney Talk is real talk for those living with or caring for someone with kidney disease. Join the Franciscan Alliance ACO Renal Care team for Kidney Talk meetings, as we share topical information from specialists and discuss how to LIVE in spite of kidney failure issues.

Patients, families and caregivers are welcome to attend. Renal-friendly refreshments will be served. Topical information from specialists is presented and discussions on how to LIVE in spite of kidney issues.

Featured Speaker will be Cara Acklin, ACO pharmacist who will discuss medications, available financial assistance and interactions.  This seminar is free and open to all interested in attending. No registration needed. 

Presented by the Franciscan Alliance Accountable Care Organization. For more information contact Janice Steuri at (317) 528-2006. 

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