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Stroke Camp for Survivors and Caregivers - Lafayette

Location: Purdue University

610 Purdue Mall
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp brings fun, respite and renewal to stroke survivors and their families and caregivers. 

About 40 Stroke Survivors and Caregivers will be spending this weekend together participating in activities offered by Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp.  The weekend’s main goal of the weekend is for participants to enjoy activities that include the areas of socialization, support, education and relaxation.

A stroke can change your life instantaneously.  For 15 percent who suffer one, it is a life-ending experience. For a few lucky people – who make it to the hospital inside the 3-hour window and are part of the 50 percent for whom the clot-dissolving drugs work — or who meet the criteria for a new catheter-based clot-removing procedure — it may be a small bump in the road. For the rest of the 680,000 people who become stroke survivors every year, it is a life-changing experience resulting in a range of disability, from slight to debilitating. Indeed, stroke is the number one cause of disability in the US.

Imagine that you are one of these two-thirds-of-a-million-people, you’ve had a stroke and your life has changed overnight. Who do you turn to? The doctors and the physical therapists have told you what you can’t do. Who can help you discover what is still possible?

For some fortunate stroke survivors – and their caregivers and families — their lives, their friendships and how they perceive themselves are transformed when they attend a Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp. Here they begin to build bonds with other stroke survivors, enjoy activities the feared were lost to them and participate in an experience both heart-warming and life affirming. The survivors, their caregivers and family stay in hotel accommodations, but still enjoy out-of-doors experiences and many aspects of camping out of their normal range of activities. The families and caregivers have respite from the constant pressure of caring for another person. They are pampered and are able to share stories and experience the insight of other caregivers — who truly understand what their lives are like.

The June 1 - 3, 2018 Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp is the first retreat weekend of its kind to be offered in Indiana. It is sponsored by the Franciscan Health Foundation. Cost for campers is kept low through the generous support of the sponsor.

The weekend retreat will be filled with many activities and the opportunity to relax if that's what is needed. The weekend includes: games, educational sessions, stroke resources, pampering, friendships, good food, hiking/walking, discussion groups, drum circles, informal chat with experts, Wii, entertainment, music, relaxation, swimming, rock wall climbing, and more! 

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