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Women Living Well Workshops: Mommy Guilt - Don't Take That Trip!

Location: Center for Women & Children Conference Room

8111 South Emerson Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46237

Mommy guilt trips are no vacation. These moments of “should have”, “could have”, and "would have" can keep us looking in the rearview mirror instead of moving forward. But don’t think you’re traveling alone. New moms, old moms, moms of moms…we all have and share the same struggles.

Mommy guilt is a natural phenomenon that keeps us accountable. It’s a path all moms navigate; an everlasting and forgiving journey. Join Erin Neu and Ann Clute as they share their experiences. You’ll laugh, maybe cry, but ultimately learn how to love this incredible ride! This workshop is free but registration is limited. Refreshments will be served.

Register by phone at (317) 528-5865 or online here.

Guest Speakers:

Erin Neu RN, BSN
OB Nurse Navigator
Franciscan Health Family Birth Center
Erin Neu knows a thing or two about pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Not only has she spent almost 20 years as a registered nurse with our Family Birth Center, she’s also delivered 10 children of her own, right here at Franciscan Health. Erin’s unique experience is what makes her the perfect person to guide new parents and make every family feel special.

Ann Clute, RN, BSN
Childbirth Education Coordinator Education
Ann has taught childbirth education classes at Franciscan Health for the past 25 years. Since beginning her career at Franciscan Health thirty years ago, she has worked in Postpartum, NICU and now serves as the Childbirth Education Coordinator. With a passion for education and providing students and expectant parents with the tools they need to have successful pregnancies, births and parenting experiences, Ann’s calling of education serves the Franciscan mission and patients in our community.
Ann received her degrees at Ball State. She has two daughters and is a lifelong southsider.

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