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Winter Weather Closings & Delays

Check this page regularly for the latest updates on weather-related closings and delays throughout Franciscan Health and Franciscan Physician Network. 

Weather Closings and Delays

Winter Weather Safety

Winter Weather Safety

Pack Your Car With Winter Weather Essentials

If you will be driving potentially hazardous winter weather conditions, such as snow, freesing rain, sleet, etc., it is important to be prepared. 

See what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reccomends you have on-hand during winter months. 


Tips for Staying Safe of the Roads this Winter

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration encourage us to follow the three "P's" to help us stay focused on our roadway safety during this winter season. 


Be Prepared for That Winter Storm

Preparing for a winter storm is more than stocking up on bread and milk. What should you be doing to prepare and to make sure your family is safe?


Avoiding Winter Fall Hazards

Severe winter weather and conditions can increase your risk of falling. Falls are not a normal part of aging, but as we age, we may be more susceptible to serious injury from a fall. However, most falls can be prevented when you understand your risks and take steps to remove or avoid hazards. 


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