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Franciscan Health Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN
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Franciscan Health Indianapolis

 635.4 Miles
8111 S. Emerson Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46237
  (317) 528-5000
Columbus Specialty Center Cardiac Testing, Columbus, IN
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Columbus Specialty Center Cardiac Testing

 613.1 Miles

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middle school or high school student getting a vaccine
On The Blog
Big kids need vaccines too.
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senior patient with home care provider
Home Care
Expert care in the comfort of your home.
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middle age couple laughing
Screening Bundles
Starting at $49 with a free heart risk assessment.
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Heart & Lung Screens Save Lives

Liz: Heart Scan Testimonial
After a 5-way bypass, Liz is now recovered and feeling full of life.
Lana: Lung Screening Testimonial
She received a $49 lung scan that saved her life.
Dr. Ikhlaque: Risk Factors Of Lung Cancer
Learn about lung cancer risks and the importance of screening.

ABCs of Back To School

Tackling the school day, extracurricular activities and homework requires a lot of energy and focus. To help your student be physically and mentally up to the task, evaluate these three things...
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