If you may have been exposed or have symptoms of measles or mumps, please call before coming to the Emergency Room, Urgent Care or Provider Office so that we can prepare and provide a separate room. While we have not encountered measles cases in this area, we are taking steps as a precautionary measure to prevent spread.


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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Franciscan Health offers sports medicine for clients of all ages grade school to high school, college to professional, and adults. Athletes receive training methods and techniques that will lead to athletic and individual improvement.


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News at Franciscan Health

Learn what to do for leg cramps while running.

Ask The Experts: What Should I Do For Calf Or Leg Cramps During A Race?

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Maya Harrell tore her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and injured her meniscus playing basketball.

Girls At Greater Risk For Some Sports Injuries Than Boys

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Tips you can take after crossing the marathon finish line to optimize your recovery.

Marathon Day Tips: Do These 6 Things To Recover From Your Race

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Anyone can run a 5k. Here's your 6-week plan.

Couch To 5K: A 6-Week Training Plan for Beginners

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Runner exercising in cold weather.

Don't Freeze: Cold Weather Exercise Tips

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