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News at Franciscan Health

Tips to help you stop holiday stress, recapture the joy of the season and take better care of your health.

How To Beat Holiday Stress


Christmas is supposed to be a merry time. Instead, it's often an occasion for overspending, overdoing, and overeating - and that can leave you feeling stressed, tired, and down on yourself.

High expectations, financial difficulties, and increased social demands or lack of family and friends can make this an overwhelming time of year. And for those grieving the loss of a loved one, the holidays can be especially painful.

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Chest pain

Franciscan Health Hospitals In Northwest Indiana Earn Chest Pain Center Accreditation

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Franciscan Health Crown Point's neonatal intensive care unit accepted a donation of hand-knitted baby blankets from Purdue Federal Credit Union

Holiday Donations Benefit Babies At Franciscan Health In Crown Point

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Is your baby sick or just teething? How to tell

Teething Or Sick? How To Tell In Your Baby

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