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Keeping our communities aware and up-to-date on the news, events, current medical developments and resources available through Franciscan Health, our hospitals across the Indiana and Illinois and our physician network.

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News at Franciscan Health

Woman drinking a sports drink while exercising.

Sports Drinks And Energy Drinks - What You Need To Know


Because the goal of functional medicine is to reverse disease by getting to the root cause, we look at the impact that sugar and other chemicals in sports and energy drinks have on the systems of the body.

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Woman in a kayak.

Surgical Approaches In Hip Replacements: Does It Make A Difference?

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image of a family at a summer picnic to show staying healthy in summer months - cardiologist gives tips

Staying Healthy in the Summer Months

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Image showing a construction hat for Olympia Fields hospital construction update news.

New Patient Access Area In Olympia Fields Promotes Convenience and Patient Satisfaction

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