With increasing numbers of measles cases being reported nationally and in Indiana, Franciscan Health is proactively implementing temporary visitor restrictions in some units at its Indiana and Illinois hospitals.


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If untreated, concussion systems can lead to long-term health and emotional problems.

Recognizing, Treating Concussions Early Prevents Long-Term Problems (Video)


A concussion can happen in a mind-numbing flash - a sudden blow, bump or jarring jolt to the head. A sudden movement that causes the brain to bounce or twist inside the skull, often creating chemical or structural changes that can leave a person reeling with side effects.

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What to feed your child for breakfast

Fuel For School: What To Feed Your Child For Breakfast

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Scott E. Mimms, MD, has joined Franciscan Physician Network Surgical Specialists Crawfordsville

Scott Mimms, MD, Joins Franciscan Physician Network Surgical Specialists Crawfordsville

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Adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, significantly increase a person's risk for developing a number of health problems.

ACES, Traumatic Experiences Can Affect Your Health For Years To Come

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