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News at Franciscan Health

Man in bed feeling effects of the flu.

How To Get Through A Bad Flu Season


Every year, millions of people in the U.S. get the flu (short for influenza). Flu season – from October through spring- is not winding down yet, in fact there is still very high flu activity in the U.S. The CDC has reported widespread influenza activity in 46 states, meaning outbreaks in at least half of the regions of a state.

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Depression can affect both men and women.

Depression: Know The Signs

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daisy flower emerging from dry land to indicate resilience

A Resilient Approach to Stress

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Mother and daughter are the latest members of the Volunteer Advocates for Seniors and Incapacitated Adults (VASIA) organization of Franciscan Health Hammond.

Mother And Daughter Sworn In As Volunteer Advocates For Franciscan's VASIA Program With Lake Superior Courts In Northwest Indiana

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