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PGY1 Pharmacy Residency | Indianapolis

Franciscan Health Indianapolis provides a flexible pharmacy Post Graduate Year One (PGY1) residency experience that includes didactic and experiential teaching and research opportunities. The program is accredited through the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).


Required Monthly Rotations



Ronda Freije, RPh, MBA, DPLA

Learning Experience Description:

Administration is a required, one-month learning experience at Franciscan Health in central Indiana.  The pharmacy department at Franciscan Health provides services at 3 campuses, including Carmel, Indianapolis and Mooresville.  An increased focus on providing direct patient care is paralleled by the evolution of increasingly complex systems and technology in pharmacy and healthcare.  The role of the pharmacist and pharmacy leadership team is to influence and support the health system in developing and meeting strategic goals and objectives to achieve quality healthcare. In the administration rotation, the PGY1 resident will gain exposure to the performance domains that position pharmaceutical services for long term programmatic success.  The resident will learn leadership nomenclature, key principles, and be able to identify available tools and resources. Through discussions, readings, and projects, the resident will gain knowledge in the following:  leading people, leading the pharmacy enterprise, leading change and innovation, leadership for quality and safety, leadership for effective financial management, and leading for results. 

The resident will be encouraged to participate in professional organizations and networking at the local, state and national level



Emily Young Breedlove, PharmD, BCPS

Learning Experience Description:

Cardiology is a required, one-month learning experience at Franciscan Health Indianapolis.  This rotation will take place at The Heart Center at the Indianapolis Campus. The role of the clinical pharmacist is to work directly with the multidisciplinary team and patients assigned to the 16 bed coronary care unit (CCU) and 30 bed cardiac progressive care unit (CPCU) to provide safe and effective medication therapy. Our world-renowned physicians and nurses have focused their careers on the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. The resident will have the opportunity to form professional relationships with these providers. The cardiology rotation provides the opportunity for PGY1 residents to develop and strengthen the skills necessary to provide evidence based pharmaceutical care to cardiology patients. The role of the pharmacist includes daily chart review of patients, therapeutic drug monitoring, participating in multidisciplinary rounds, and addressing formal consults for drug therapy management including dosing of anticoagulants. The pharmacist also provides drug information and education to healthcare professionals as well as patients and caregivers.

Critical Care


Joe Bodkin, Pharm.D., BCCCP

Learning Experience Description:

The Critical Care Rotation is a required, one-month learning experience. Franciscan Health is a network of 14 hospital campuses in Indiana and Illinois and serves central Indiana with hospitals in Indianapolis, Mooresville, and Carmel. The Adult Intensive Care Unit (AICU) at the Indianapolis campus is a 30-bed unit which provides care to medical and surgical critically ill adults. The AICU team is composed of an attending physician specialized in pulmonary medicine, a nurse practitioner, and a clinical pharmacist. The team also works closely with respiratory therapists, registered dieticians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, palliative care nurses, the chaplain, and the critical care nursing staff. The clinical pharmacist works directly with the multidisciplinary team, patient, and caregivers to provide safe and effective medication therapy. Routine responsibilities include addressing pharmacy-to-dose consults and therapeutic drug monitoring. The pharmacist also provides drug information and education to healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers. 

Infectious Diseases


Christian Cheatham, PharmD

Learning Experience Description:

The Infectious Diseases rotation is a one-month Monday - Friday required rotation for the PGY1 pharmacy resident. The rotation will take place throughout the inpatient care areas of Franciscan Health Indianapolis. The rotation is not a rounding/consult service.

The number of patients rounded on daily will be dependent on need and opportunity in certain areas. Patients to be evaluated and followed by the resident will be determined by the preceptor.

The role of the clinical pharmacist includes prospective review of patients with positive blood cultures, inpatient OPAT consults, and patients receiving antimicrobials on focused patient care floors.  The pharmacist attends patient care rounds on their identified patient care floor(s) and interacts with multiple healthcare practitioners caring for the individual patient as necessary.   Responsibilities include antimicrobial stewardship activities, therapeutic drug monitoring consults, attending antimicrobial stewardship meetings, and providing antimicrobial drug information to hospital staff including pharmacists, physicians, and nurses.

Inpatient Family Medicine


Kevin Buehrle, PharmD, BCPS

Learning Experience Description:

The Inpatient Family Medicine rotation is a one-month, required learning experience.  The Family Medicine team consists of an attending, senior residents, and interns; as well as potentially medical and pharmacy students and a clinical psychologist. The team works closely with other disciplines, including nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and others as needed. The resident will provide pharmaceutical care for patients admitted to the hospital by the Family Medicine team.

The role of the pharmacist is to provide support to the Family Practice team by applying the hospital formulary and pharmacy policies and making interventions to optimize pharmacotherapy according to guidelines and evidence-based medicine. The pharmacist also provides education to the medicine team regarding medication issues and performs admission and discharge medication reconciliation with patient counseling as needed.



Glenn Kisch, RPh, PharmD

Learning Experience Description:

Orientation is a required, one-month rotation at Franciscan Health Indianapolis. Franciscan Health is a network of 13 hospital campuses in Indiana and Illinois and serves central Indiana with hospitals in Indianapolis, Mooresville, and Carmel. The Indianapolis campus provides 24-hour pharmaceutical care to patients through centralized, decentralized, and clinical services for more than 400 patients. Pharmaceutical care throughout the institution is enhanced by incorporating computerized physician order entry, computerized pharmacy order verification, automated medication dispensing cabinets, barcode medication administration, and smart infusion pump technology.

The role of the pharmacist and pharmacy team is to ensure safe medication procurement, storage, and distribution. In the central pharmacy, pharmacists supervise daily operations and IV admixture preparation, including chemotherapy. The centralized pharmacists, decentralized pharmacists, and clinical specialists provide a variety of services to patients, including drug distribution, patient profile review, pharmacy-to-dose consults, therapeutic drug monitoring, multidisciplinary rounding, medication reconciliation, and the provision of drug information. 

Resident Project Month


Katie Hiles, PharmD, BCPS

Learning Experience Description:

The Resident Project Month is a required, one-month learning experience providing a focused opportunity for the resident to collect and analyze data, prepare supporting materials, and begin drafting a manuscript for the longitudinal research project.  To minimize time away from patient-focused learning experiences due to the Midyear Clinical meeting and observed holidays, the focused resident project month is scheduled for December.  The resident will also attend a one-day Indiana Preceptor Workshop held at Eskenazi Health. It is expected that the resident will be away from the site for at least one week during this month. The resident will also use this time to complete any additional projects.

Required Longitudinal Rotations

Ambulatory Care


Kendra M. Malone, PharmD, BCACP

Learning Experience Description:

Longitudinal - Ambulatory Care is a required, longitudinal learning experience occurring one half-day per week for 6 months at Franciscan Health Family Medicine Center.  The Franciscan Health Family Medicine Center provides comprehensive healthcare for pediatrics and adults, servicing approximately 75 patients each day.  The Family Medicine Center also serves as a training site for the Franciscan Health Family Medicine Residency Program. 

Services are provided to patients via a multidisciplinary approach.  Providers consist of attending physicians and family practice residents who work alongside nurses and medical assistants to provide comprehensive patient care.  Pharmacy residents and pharmacy students also participate in patient care when on rotation.

The clinical pharmacy specialist or pharmacy resident is responsible for conducting medication histories and reconciliations, providing comprehensive disease state and medication education and chronic disease state management.  The pharmacist will ensure safe and effective medication use for all patients scheduled on the pharmacist schedule.  The pharmacist is also available as a medication resource to provide drug information, drug-drug interaction screens, and therapy and monitoring recommendations on a consult basis.  The pharmacist will also provide formal drug information and education to healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers.

Inpatient Service Commitment


Stephanie Gartrell, PharmD, BCPS

Learning Experience Description:

The Longitudinal - Inpatient Service Commitment is a required, 12-month learning experience. The primary roles of the pharmacist in the inpatient pharmacy include but are not limited to evaluation of physician orders, renal dose adjustments, pharmacokinetic monitoring and dose adjustments, fielding questions from the nursing staff, overseeing sterile product preparation, and admission/discharge medication reconciliation.

Required Residency Activities


Katie Hiles, PharmD, BCPS

Learning Experience Description:

The Longitudinal - Required Residency Activities learning experience is a required, 12-month experience that encompasses the various required activities for successful completion of the program with a focus on the teaching and committee activities. 

Resident Project


Determined based on expertise

Learning Experience Description:

The Longitudinal - Resident Project is a required, 12 month learning experience at Franciscan Health Central Indiana Region (CIR).  The CIR has locations in Indianapolis, Mooresville, and Carmel.  The longitudinal project experience provides the opportunity for the PGY1 resident to develop and strengthen research skills including research idea generation, study design, data collection, data analysis, and writing skills for manuscript development.  The resident will also learn the IRB process.

Clinical Staff

Use the directory to learn more about our clinical staff through their individual profiles.

Pharmacy Residency Clinical Staff Directory


Franciscan Health Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN

8111 S. Emerson Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46237
(317) 528-5000

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